The story of Candles by Jazzy.

Hi I'm Jasmine, the 17 year old owner of Candles by Jazzy. 

In 2018, I was always asking my mom for money so I could buy things I wanted because I was only 12 and couldn't get a job. I was always mad when she would say no so I thought of ways I could make money while having fun. Many ideas popped up but I wasn't sure how long I would be inspired to continue those projects. Then I thought of making candles. Making candles would give me the opportunity to create high quality candles that big companies tend to skimp out on as well as put my creativity to use. I really liked the idea and did not think I would have this much success. Sales were slow at first but with the support from my family and community my business became a huge success. Since then I have experimented more, changed ingredients, and loved being a business owner.

I was the 2019 small business person of the year from the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Another accomplishment I have is that I was on the front cover of the Chapel Hill News & Views.

I love cooking, watching YouTube, going to Atlanta, spending time with family and friends, and of course making candles!. At my school, I participate in FBLA, DECA, Varsity track, volleyball and I am a member of the National Honors Society. 

Why all-natural ingredients/soy wax?

When I initially started selling candles, I was using paraffin wax. I realized the wax I was using was not good for the environment and people's homes because it releases chemicals every time you burn. I began researching soy wax and began using it because it is great for the environment. It has no black soot when burning the candle, no chemicals, and they last longer.

Why I donate to the ASPCA?

I have always loved animals my whole life. Everyday I notice a lot of abandoned animals and knew I had to help in some kind of way. Since I cannot keep all of the animals in my home, I donate 5% of my profits a month to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I truly believe that animals deserve to feel loved, happy, and be healthy.


I want to inspire people to never give up and to follow their dreams which is why I came up with the Be Inspired Collection. That collection reminds people that it is okay to be called weird because you do not want to be "normal" like everyone else. Check out our Be Inspired Collection to read more information about it. I appreciate all the support I get by people placing orders, following me on social media, and sending me inspiring messages throughout my journey.