Candles by Jazzy is an all natural soy wax candle company and strives to create amazing products that benefit both the environment and your home. We hand pour our candles in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Our candles are made to provide a long burn and provide a strong scent throw.

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Made in Villa Rica, Georgia.

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Clean Collection

Clean Collection

This collection has scents that remind you of an outside clean day.... 

  • Annette

    "I received my order last night and I was super excited to see what I got. Wow and I mean wow. I haven't seen or smelled any of your candles but I ordered to support your biz. I love everything, the packaging amazing, the info provided well explained and very professional. My daughter loves them as well. Am so glad I came across your page and even more pleased with your product. I will be ordering again and spreading the word. Congrats and much success to you."

  • Thamara

    "I absolutely love candles! If I don't keep them for myself, they are gifted to friends and family. I ran across an ad for a local entrepreneur teen who hand pours candles, and it's Black owned! I bought at least 6 candles and recently 1 candles plus the aromatherapy set. Suede has become my favorite and daughters love Cucumber & Green Tea and Lemongrass!"

  • Carol H.

    "Just another candle? No way! I highly recommend these hand poured candles for their quality and long lasting, unique scents. All natural. Nothing artificial. And it shows. Customer service is one more reason Jasmine will go far in all of her business ventures. A real gem of an entrepreneur. Candles by Jazzy... Of course!"

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  • Alicia

    "Love the candles and the spray. I use them to relax when I need my me time. Before I go to sleep in the night., I spray the lemongrass and lavender room sprays. Sweet dreams for me."

  • Melinda C.

    "Every candle I've purchased from Jazzy has smelt amazing. My online orders are always filled within an hour and ready for me to pick up quickly. I'm always greeted with a smile when I go into the shop. beautiful candles made by a dedicated young lady."

  • Yvonne D.

    "Candles by Jazzy is my go to for all of my candles. They burn clean and the scents and smell are long lasting. My favorite is AromaSpa. I have burned other scents as well throughout my house. I live in California and when I place my order, I receive my shipment very fast."

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  • All-Natural Products

    Our candles are 100% soy wax which is good for the environment. No chemicals or black soot when burning your candles.

  • Quality

    Strong scent throw from top to bottom and long burn times. The candles are made in small batches so they are made with the highest quality.

  • Amazing Service

    If the customers are happy, we are happy. Our team responds promptly and we care about your feedback.

  • Big Variety Of Scents

    We offer a big variety of scents that are perfect for everyone. Clean, Masculine, Fruity, Aromatherapy, and many more collections.

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